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“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”

– Arthur C. Nielsen –

Dataadviser | Market Research Data Expert

I shed light on your data-darkness

100% Knowledge

Accelerate your data efficiency concerning acquisition and usage. Count on my market research and consulting expertise.

100% Experience

Benefit from my more than 30 years of experience, including at the renowned international market research company
Nielsen IQ.

100% Advantage

Benefit from a competitive advantage through intelligent data purchasing and goal-oriented
data management – across your internal clients.

100% Transparency

You can expect a maximum transparency in all processes and customized solutions that fit your requirements.

Efficient data purchasing


Every year, German companies invest well over 2 billion euros in market research. Money well spent if you end up with high-quality data – and know how to use it properly.

Nevertheless, the pressure on the business is growing at the same time: New cost-saving methods such as “zero-based budgeting” make it necessary to re-evaluate the costs of data and its use. A permanent review of data usage by the business departments is therefore indispensable.

I endorse you in the high-quality market data subscription process so that you achieve your goals and still preserve the budget.

“Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”


– Steve Jobs –

Optimized data utilization


Often, several teams and departments are involved in data procurement, pursuing different goals and thus not always speaking with one “voice”. This weakens your position with agencies and leads to a long negotiation cycle that is counterproductive for you.

This is exactly where I come in and support you in building DataPools and DataLakes by pointing out obstacles and inconsistencies already in the early project phase and thus developing strong solutions together with you. Especially in projects where the harmonization of data is the primary goal.

This optimizes data purchasing, minimizes frictional losses and integrates all data into your market research systems in a meaningful way.

Purchasing data selectively


Very often agencies offer data in larger standard packages. Only in rare cases you can use all data sets or consulting service packages in a meaningful way. With my many years of experience, I support you in filtering out the services that are relevant to you and thus only purchase what really matters to you.

Intelligent data usage


Even the best data sets are of little value if they are not used and integrated harmoniously with the existing data pool and market research systems. I will show you ways to minimize redundancies in your data, to focus on the value-adding elements and thus to fully exploit potentials.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”


– Michael Jordan –

Individual and transparent


No matter what your project is about: I stand for maximum transparency and individual solutions, perfectly tailored to your requirements. Working together as a team, we achieve the goals you set – quickly, efficiently and, above all, without detours.


I 2001 – 2021 I Cluster-Leader International Clients
& Global Client Business-Partner

Nielsen IQ (The Nielsen Company)


Negotiation Management


Consulting & Optimization


Market Research Projects

I 1999 – 2000 I Key Account Executive
FileNet Corporation


Negotiation Management


Consulting & Optimization

I 1997 – 1998 I Key Account Manager
Parametric Technology Corporation


Negotiation Management


Consulting & Optimization

I 1991 – 1996 I Major Account Manager
Xerox Corporation


Negotiation Management


Consulting & Optimization


Please do not hesitate to contact me!

You are looking for advice and support concerning your data? Then I look forward to hearing from you and developing new strategies together with you.


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